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試験科目:Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
問題と解答:全878問 CEH-001 テスト参考書

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NO.1 You visit a website to retrieve the listing of a company's staff members. But you can not find it
on the website. You know the listing was certainly present one year before. How can you retrieve
information from the outdated website?
A. Through Google searching cached files
B. Through Archive.org
C. Visit customers' and prtners' websites
D. Download the website and crawl it
Answer: B
Archive.org mirrors websites and categorizes them by date and month depending on the crawl time.
Archive.org dates back to 1996, Google is incorrect because the cache is only as recent as the latest
crawl, the cache is over-written on each subsequent crawl. Download the website is incorrect
becausethat's the same as what you see online. Visiting customer partners websites is just bogus.
The answer is then Firmly, C, archive.org

NO.2 Rebecca has noted multiple entries in her logs about users attempting to connect on ports
that are either not opened or ports that are not for public usage. How can she restrict this type of
abuse by limiting access to only specific IP addresses that are trusted by using one of the built-in
Linux Operating System tools?
A. Ensure all files have at least a 755 or more restrictive permissions.
B. Install an intrusion detection system on her computer such as Snort.
C. Configure and enable portsentry on his server.
D. Configure rules using ipchains.
Answer: D

CEH-001資格受験料 CEH-001ソリューション
ipchains is a free software based firewall for Linux. It is a rewrite of Linux's previous IPv4 firewalling
code, ipfwadm. In Linux 2.2, ipchains is required to administer the IP packet filters. ipchains was
written because the older IPv4 firewall code used in Linux
2.0 did not work with IP fragments and didn't allow for specification of protocols other than TCP ,
UDP , and ICMP .

NO.3 Keystroke logging is the action of tracking (or logging) the keys struck on a keyboard, typically
in a covert manner so that the person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being
How will you defend against hardware keyloggers when using public computers and Internet Kiosks?
(Select 4 answers)
A. The next key typed replaces selected text portion. g. if the password is "secret", one could type
"s", then some dummy keys "asdfsd". Then these dummies could be selected with mouse, and next
character from the password "e" is typed, which replaces the dummies "asdfsd"
B. Type a wrong password first, later type the correct password on the login page defeating the
keylogger recording
C. Alternate between typing the login credentials and typing characters somewhere else in the
focus window
D. The next key typed replaces selected text portion. E.g. if the password is "secret", one could type
"s", then some dummy keys "asdfsd". Then these dummies could be selected with mouse, and next
character from the password "e" is typed, which replaces the dummies "asdfsd"
E. Type a password beginning with the last letter and then using the mouse to move the cursor for
each subsequent letter.
Answer: A,C,D,E

CEH-001日本語版と英語版 CEH-001受験資格

NO.4 What is the proper response for a NULL scan if the port is closed?
A. No response
Answer: F
Closed ports respond to a NULL scan with a reset.

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