試験科目:Oracle Application Development Framework 12c Essentials
問題と解答:全90問 1z0-419資格受験料

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試験科目:Oracle Application Development Framework 12c Essentials
問題と解答:全90問 1z1-419資格

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NO.1 Which statement is true about creating a method at the application module level? (Choose the
best answer.)
A. Because ADF provides no way at run time to automatically create or delete view object records,
you must create application module methods to do this.
B. Methods in an application module allow you to manipulate Ul components in the ViewController
C. You cannot create methods at the application module level.
D. Application module methods provide an interface for the view layer to call custom business logic
that may work across multiple data views.
E. Application module methods are best suited to writing validation logic for entity objects.
Answer: D


NO.2 You want to configure an application so that users can shop for products anonymously without
authentication, and must then authenticate after they enter the checkout process How would you
enable this requirement? (Choose the best answer)
A. Grant roles access rights to the task flow containing the checkout process
B. Add a view containing a login form to the task flow containing the checkout process
C. Remove ADF Security for the application and replace it with Java EE Security for the task flow
containing the checkout process
D. Ensure the task flow containing the shopping process is unbounded
Answer: B

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NO.3 What should be in a managed bean, rather than a backing bean? (Choose the best answer.)
A. data that is used to decide if a field is shown as mandatory or not
B. code that opens a pop-up in the page
C. data that is used on another page in the task flow
D. code that manipulates the color of a text field on a JSF page
Answer: C


NO.4 Which three resources can be secured by using the declarative features of ADF security?
(Choose three)
A. task flows
B. specifi c rows of data
C. PL/SQL procedures
D. attributes defined in entity objects
E. pages that are not contained within a task flow
F. stack traces
Answer: A,D,E